10th Graders (10. Sınıflar)



Man: How was your summer vacation?

Woman: Great! I went to Italy with my family. It was so fun there! We met lots of really nice people and ate really delicious food.

Man: Where did you stay?

Woman: We stayed at a hotel on the beach so we woke up every day to the sunrise over the water. Each day we swam in the ocean and took long walks on the beach. At night, we sat and watched the stars. We saw so many stars!

Man: Did anything exciting happen?

Woman: Yes! One day, we found a wallet on the beach. We took it to the police department. We told the police that someone lost their wallet. They took it and we left. The next day they called us, so we went back to the police station.

Man: Ooh! Why did they call you?

Woman: They found the owner of the wallet and he wanted to meet us. He was so happy that he got his wallet back, so he bought us a really nice bottle of wine.

Man: Oh cool! You made a local friend!

Woman: Yes, we became friends and had dinner that night. The man’s name was Yuri. He told us all about the town and gave us tips for our vacation. That night, he paid for the meal because he was happy we found his wallet and got it back to him. We knew we would be friends forever!

Woman: Wow! What a great trip!