Buzz and her cousin Bob

This is Buzz and her cousin Bob. They are going on holiday to an adventure camp.

‘Hello, I’m Buzz and I love adventure sports.’

‘Hello, I’m Bob. I can do everything.’

Buzz and Bob arrive at the camp. Buzz is very excited.

‘Look, Bob! What shall we do first?’

On Monday they ride BMX bikes.

‘Whee, this is great!’

‘Be careful, Bob!’

On Tuesday they go rock climbing.

‘Look out for the rocks, Bob!’


Buzz helps Bob to the top.

On Wednesday they go rafting. Bob is very scared. His face goes green.

‘Come on, Bob. This is great!’

On Thursday Buzz and Bob go caving in an underground cave. There are lots of bats.

On Friday they go surfing. They do surfing tricks.

‘Look at me! I’m a great surfer.’

‘Oh no, you’re not!’

On Saturday they go parachuting. They jump and fall through the air but... Oh no! Something is wrong. Can you save Bob?

‘Buzz! Help me!’

Buzz catches Bob. They float down to earth.

‘Thanks, Buzz. You saved me!’

‘Well done, Buzz. You are very brave. Your special prize is a bungee jump.’

‘Great! Here I go. One ... two ... three ... Whee!’