1. A: I’ve got a new toy car.

    B: Is it fast?

    A: Yes, it is.

2. A: Your brother looks really strong? Is he?

    B: Yes, he is.

    A: I thougt so.

3. A: My sister is really tall?

    B: Really?

    A: Yes, she is on the basketball team.

4. A: I’ve got a new pet turtle.

    B: Is is big?

    A: No, actually it is pretty little.

5. A: My mom got a new car?

    B: Is it fast?

    A: No, it’s so slow.

6. A: That new chair looks really  short.

    B: It is short.

    A: I can’t sit on it.

7. A:That camel looks really light.

    B: I’m sure, it’s really heavy.

8. A: Don’t you think those flowers are ugly?

    B: No, I think they are pretty.

9. A: I’ve got a new dog.

    B: Cool, is it a small dog?

    A:No, it’s big.

10. A: Look at my new game.

      B: It looks fun.

      A: It is really fun.