Conversation 1

Man: What do you do on the weekend?
Woman: I usually stay home, but sometimes I go out.
Man: Oh, where do you go?
Woman: Sometimes I go to the beach. Sometimes I go to the park. 
Man: I often go there too. Do you ever go to the lake?
Woman: No, very rarely. It is too far from house.

Conversation 2

Man: What do you usually have for dinner?
Woman: I try to eat healthy, so I usually cook vegetables. 
Man: Really. What kind of stuff do you make?
Woman: Sometimes I make soups. Sometimes I make stir-fry.
Man: Stir-fry! That”s not very healthy.
Woman: I know, but don't eat not eat it often.

Conversation 3

Woman: Do you take the bus to work?
Man: No, I never take the bus. I always drive. 
Woman: Yeah, it's so much easier to drive.
Man: Do you drive to work?
Woman: Actually, I rarely drive. I usually walk to work. I live near the office.
Man: Lucky you!

Conversation 4

Man: Do you ever go to the movies?
Woman: I rarely do. It is too expensive. Do you?
Man: No, not often. I usually rent DVDs.
Woman: Really. I never do that. I usually stream movies.
Man: Nice. Do you have fast Internet?
Woman: Yeah, usually it is fast, but sometimes it’s slow.