Conversation 1

Woman: Hello, can I get your name?
Man: Yes. My my name is Tom Wilson.
Woman: Great, and can I see your ID?
Man: Sure. Here is it.
Woman: Thanks. And can you sign here?
Man: Certainly.

Conversation 2

Man: Hello! Can I take your order?
Woman: Yes, can I get the chicken sandwich?
Man: Certainly. And can I get you something to drink?
Woman: Yes, can I get a diet soda please.
Man: Sure. Anything else? Can I interest you in something on the side?
Woman: Yes, can I get some fries with that?
Man: Of course. Anything else?
Woman: No, that will do.

Conversation 3

Woman: So Bob, can you come to the party?
Man: Yes, I’m can, but can I get your address?
Woman: It’s really long. Can I email it to you?
Man: That will work. Oh, and can I get your number?
Woman: Yes, it 555-4343-3222.
Man: You know what, can you just put it in the email?
Woman: Sure. Can do.


Conversation 4

Woman: Hello! Can I help you?
Man: Yes, can I get a cafe mocha please.
Woman: OK,and can I get your name?
Man: It’s Jason. And can I get that without cream?
Woman: Of course. Anything else?
Man: Yeah, can I get one of these muffins.
Woman: Sure. That comes to $5.45
Man: Great. Can I pay by debit card?
Woman: You sure can.
Man: Awesome! And can I get a receipt.
Woman: Of course. Here’s your receipt.
Man: Thanks.
Woman: You can pick up your order over there.