Man: Let’s talk about animals and adjectives.
Woman: Sound good!
Man: First, what animal is tall?
Woman: Giraffes are tall.
Man: They are tall. What other animals are tall?
Woman: Horses are tall.
Man: And fast. Horses are fast!
Woman: Yes they are.
Man: So what animals are slow?
Woman: Turtles are slow.
Man: Yes, they are very slow.
Woman: A sloth is slow too.
Man: Yes, I think so.
Woman: What animals are big?
Man: Elephants are big.
Woman: Hippos are big too.
Man: Yes, and they are also heavy.
Woman: Yes, hippos are very heavy.
Man: Now, what animals are long?
Woman: Hmm, aligators are long.
Man: Yes, so are snakes.
Woman: Ew! Snakes. Yes, they are long.
Man: So shat animals are quick?
Woman: Well, a cat is very quick.
Man: Yes, and a mouse is quick too.
Woman: Right, mice are quick.
Man: So, what animals are cute?
Woman: Well, many animals are cute.
Man: For example?
Woman: Well, dogs are cute.
Man: Yes, and rabbits are cute too.
Woman: And penguins are cute.
Man: Yes, they are. You know, I think all animals are wonderful!
Woman: I agree! All animals are wonderful!