Conversation #1 ( Konuşma-1 )

Man: I like your family photos. Who is this?
Woman: That is my dad. He is a doctor.
Man: Wow. He is very tall.
Woman: Yes, he is
Man: Is this your mom?
Woman: Yes, she is a doctor too.
Man: Wow, smart family.

Conversation #2 ( Konuşma-2 )

Man: Who are these people?
Woman: That is my husband. In this picture, he is at work.
Man: Is he a fireman?
Woman: Yes, he is. And this is my daughter
Man: Wow, she is so cute.
Woman: Yes, she is cute!

Conversation #3 ( Konuşma-3 )

Man: Who are the people in this picture?
Woman: That is my older brother and younger sister.
Man: Oh, what do they do?
Woman: My sister is a pilot. My brother is a farmer.
Man: Wow. They have cool jobs.
Woman: Yes, they do!

Conversation #4 ( Konuşma-4 )

Man: And who are these people?
Woman: Those are my grandparents.
Man: Oh, do they live in town?
Woman: No, they live in the country. They have a farm.
Man: How nice!
Woman: Yeah, I go there often.