Conversation #1
Man: What does your mom do?
Woman: She is a chef at a restaurant.
Man: Cool! That means she is a good cook.
Woman: Yes, she is a great cook.
Man: Where does she work?
Woman: She works at an Italian restaurant.

Conversation #2
Man: What is your dad like?
Woman: He is funny. He's very friendly.
Man: What does he look like?
Woman: He is tall, and big.
Man: How old is he?
Woman: He is 47.

Conversation #3
Man: Who are your friends?
Woman: Betty, Jason and Laura.
Man: Are they students?
Woman: Yes, they are. They all study business.
Man: Are they from around here?
Woman: No, they are all from different cities.

Conversation #4
Man: Are we there yet?
Woman: No, but we are close, I think.
Man: How close are we?
Woman: We are ten, maybe 20 minutes away.
Man: What? Twenty minutes! Are we lost?
Woman: No, we are not lost. Trust me!