Listening Studies ( Dinleme Çalışmaları)

7th Graders ( 7. Sınıflar )

Conversation 1

Man: What do you do on the weekend?
Woman: Nothing much. I stay home, watch TV, read a book. Just take it easy. What about you?
Man: I like to get outside. I usually take a drive, visit friends, or play sports.
Woman: Oh, what sports do you play?
Man: I like to play golf and tennis. Do you play any sports?
Woman: Not really. I like to watch sports though.

Conversation 2

Man: What do you like doing in your free time?
Woman: I like going shopping and hanging out with friends. And you?
Man: I like cooking and baking things.
Woman: Oh, yeah, what do you bake?
Man: I bake cake and cookies mainly!
Woman: Well, I love to eat cookies, so share if you like.
Man: OK, I’ll remember you next time.

Conversation 3

Man: Excume me! Can you explain the assigment again?
Woman: Sure! You need to read this article and then write a short essay about it.
Man: Can I use a dictionary?
Woman: Yes, you can use a dictionary, so please check your spelling if you need to.
Man: OK, so can I write about my family?
Woman: Sure, just write at least 100 words.

Conversation 4

Man: Did you go shopping?
Woman: Yes, I went shopping this morning.
Man: Did you buy any cookies?
Woman: Yes, I got some cookies.
Man: Cool, can I have some now?
Woman: No, not yet. You can have some after dinner.