3rd Graders ( 3. Sınıflar ) ENGLISH LISTENING STUDIES-3 (03.04.2018) 

1. You look hungry?

Do you want a snack? Yes, thak you.

2. You look sick, are you ok?

I have a headache, but I am ok. Just a little sick.

3.  Are you mad? Yes.

What happened?

I lost my keys.

4. I am so happy.

Really, what happened?

I got perfect score on my test.

5. You look thirsty. Would you like something to drink?

Yes, please.

6. Are you sleepy?

Yes, I am. I am going to bed.

7. You look hot, are you ok?

 I am ok but I am really hot.

8. You look sad, what happened?

I am sad, I didn’t do well in my test.

9. You look cold, would you like a blanket?

Yes, please.

10. Are you ok?

I am really tired. I thought so.